Honda Accord/Civic/Prelude 1973-1983 Repair Guide

Slave Cylinder



The slave cylinder is retained by two bolts. To remove the cylinder, simply disconnect the hydraulic line, remove the return spring and the bolts. To install, reverse the removal procedures. Refill the master cylinder and bleed the system.


  1. There is little you can do to the slave cylinder other than replace the piston and seal inside the cylinder.
  3. Using compressed air, blow the piston out of the cylinder; the seal will probably come out with it.
  5. Once the piston and seal are removed, check the inside of the cylinder bore for pitting, rust or scratching. The bore can be honed but it's probably not worth the effort. A new slave cylinder would make more sense.


The hydraulic system must be bleed whenever the system has been leaking or repaired. The bleed scew is located on the slave cylinder. Remove the bleed screw dust cap and attach a clear hose to the bleed screw. Immerse the other end of the hose in a clear jar, half filled with clean brake fluid. Fill the clutch master cylinder with new brake fluid. Open the bleed scew slightly and have an assistant depress the clutch pedal slowly. Close the bleed scew when the pedal reaches the end of its travel. Allow the clutch pedal to return slowly. Repeat until all air bubbles are expelled from the system. Replace the dust cap on the slave cylinder. Refill the master cylinder with NEW brake fluid.