Honda Accord/Civic/Prelude 1973-1983 Repair Guide

Throttle Controls



This system controls the closing of the throttle during periods of gear shifting, deceleration, or any time the gas pedal is released. In preventing the sudden closing of the throttle during these conditions, an overly rich mixture is prevented which controls excessive emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. This system has two main parts; a dashpot system and a throttle positioner system. The dashpot diaphragm and solenoid valve act to dampen or slow down the throttle return time to 1-4 seconds. The throttle positioner part consists of a speed sensor, a solenoid valve, a control valve and an opener diaphragm which will keep the throttle open and predetermined minimum amount any time the gas pedal is released when the vehicle is traveling 15 mph or faster, and closes it when the vehicle slows to 10 mph.