Honda Accord/Civic/Prelude 1973-1983 Repair Guide

Wheel Cylinders



  1. Refer to the Brake Shoes, Removal & Installation procedures in this section and remove the brake shoes.
  3. Disconnect the parking brake cable and brake lines from the backing plate; be sure to have a drip pan to catch the brake fluid.
  5. Remove the two wheel cylinder-to-backing plate nuts and the wheel cylinder.
  7. To install, reverse the removal procedures. When assembling, apply a thin coat of grease to the grooves of the wheel cylinder piston and the sliding surfaces of the backing plate.


See Figure 1

Remove the wheel cylinder dust seals from the grooves to permit the removal of the cylinder pistons, refer to the necessary illustration.

Wash all parts in fresh brake fluid and check the cylinder bore and pistons for scratches and other damage, replacing where necessary.

When assembling the wheel cylinder, apply a coat of brake fluid to the pistons, piston cups and cylinder walls.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the wheel cylinder assembly