Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide

Fusible Links



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

The fusible links serve as main circuit protection for certain high amperage circuits. The Honda fusible or main links are located at the in the underhood fuse and relay box. On earlier models, these are large strips of conductive metal held by bolts between two terminals. The thickness and length of the material determines the amperage rating of the link. To replace one of these, disconnect the negative battery cable, unscrew the failed one and install the new one.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The fusible links are located under protective covers

On later cars, the main links appear about the same size as the fuses; they are square cases with a small window on top. Close examination will reveal the amperage rating, usually 50 or 80 amps. Remove these links as you would a fuse after loosening their retaining screws.

If the link failed, it was due to a high amperage load passing through the circuit; find the cause or the new link will fail again.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Remove the screws securing the fusible link ...

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Fig. Fig. 3: ... then pull it out of its port