Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide

Main Switch



1984-85 Accord and 1984-87 Prelude

The main switch is easily removed from the dash. Disconnect the wiring behind the dash, then remove the switch. It may be necessary to use a blunt, non-marring tool to pop the switch free. Don't use a screwdriver and be careful not to damage the surrounding area.

1986-89 Accord

To remove the main switch, first remove the fusebox door. Reach behind the dash with your fingers and push the switch outward. Unplug the wiring connector.

1988-91 Prelude
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the headlight retractor and fog light switch from the dash. Remove the dashlight brightness controller from the dash.
  5. Behind each of these switches is a retaining screw holding the instrument panel face plate. Remove these screws and the three screws at the top of the clear plastic lens.
  7. Carefully remove the face plate. Disconnect the wiring from the cruise control and sunroof switch (if equipped) when access is gained.
  9. The cruise control and sunroof control switch is held to the panel by two screws fitted from the back of the face plate. Remove the screws and remove the switch assembly.
  11. Reassemble in reverse order, taking care not to crack or damage the face plate. Install the switches and connect the wiring harnesses. Check the operation of each switch after reassembly.

1990-95 Accord and 1992-95 Prelude

The cruise control/sunroof switch (if equipped) assembly may be removed by carefully prying the switch housing from the dash. If necessary, use a blunt, non-marring tool to pry with. Don't use a screwdriver and be careful not to damage the dash.