Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide



Component location and vacuum routing diagrams are located at the end of this section. Please refer to them before beginning any disassembly or testing. Wiring diagrams are located at the end of Chassis Electrical .

Specific emission control equipment packages have been devised to conform to varying state, federal, and provincial regulations. The U.S. emission equipment is generally divided into two categories: California and 49 State (federal). In this section, the terms "California," "Calif." or "Cal" applies to vehicles originally built to be in compliance with the current California emissions regulations in affect at the time of the vehicle's production. California emissions equipment normally includes the federal equipment as well as other items required by California's more stringent regulations. Models built to be sold in Canada may also have specific emissions equipment. Although in most years, federal and Canadian equipment is the same.