Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide

Rear Alignment


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Fig. Fig. 1: Alignment angles

All the models covered by this guide have rear suspension systems on which bent or damaged components can cause unusual tire wear and/or handling problems. The alignment dimensions of caster, camber and toe are applicable to the rear wheels as well as the front. All Accords and Preludes are adjustable for rear toe setting; some models are adjustable for camber.

Rear alignment should be checked periodically by a reputable alignment facility. Preludes with 4WS require rear alignment with every front wheel alignment.

Checking the alignment of the rear wheels can be a quick, low-cost diagnostic tool when investigating rear tire wear. Discovering a bent component and replacing it can save the cost and aggravation of replacing two tires, only to have them wear prematurely.

Vehicles equipped with 4-wheel steering require the use of a rear steering center locking pin tool during alignment. This is a special purpose tool, unlikely to be found in the aftermarket. It must be installed any time the rear steering gearbox or the center shaft is removed.

Additionally, check the alignment any time the rear wheels or suspension undergoes a heavy impact. Suspension components are reasonably strong in their normal working dimensions but a world-class pothole or off-road excursion can force them over the limit.