Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide



If an Accord or Prelude must be towed, use of a flat-bed or rollback is the first choice. This type of truck transports the car completely off the ground, so the risk of damage is greatly reduced. If this is not available, a wheel-lift truck which can lift the car by the front tires (not the axles) is recommended. The classic tow truck with boom and winch can be used, but great care must be taken to prevent damage to drive axles and front body panels.

If your Honda's rear wheels are operable, you can tow your vehicle with the rear wheels on the ground. Due to its front wheel drive, the Honda is a relatively easy vehicle to tow with the front wheels up. Before doing so, you should release the parking brake.

If the rear axle is defective, the vehicle must then be transported on a flat bed. Towing the vehicle with the front wheels on the ground may cause damage to the driveline and/or transaxle. A vehicle with an automatic transaxle must NEVER be towed with the front wheels on the ground.