Honda Accord/Prelude 1984-1995 Repair Guide

Wiper Controller/Relay



See Figures 1 and 2

The 1984-89 Accord and 1984-87 Prelude wiper system operates through a wiper relay. On Accords, it is located on the underdash fuse box. On Preludes it is located under the dash, just to the right of the steering column. The relay controls the intermittent wiper function, cycling the wipers approximately every 5-6 seconds. The relay is removed by unplugging it from the fuseblock.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Early models use a wiper control relay

On 1990 and later Accords, as well as 1988 and later Preludes, the task is assigned to the integrated control unit. On the Accord, this large, multi-function unit is mounted above the left kick panel. On Prelude, it is located under the dash, between the accelerator pedal and the heater box. The integrated control unit oversees operation of the intermittent wipers as well as other circuits requiring a time sense (seat belt buzzers, key chimes, entry lights, etc.). Additionally, a separate intermittent wiper relay is found under the Accord relay box in the right rear corner of the engine compartment.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Later models use what is known as the integrated control unit