Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000



When there is a problem starting or driving a vehicle, two of the most important checks involve the ignition and the fuel systems. The questions most mechanics attempt to answer first, "is there spark-" and "is there fuel-" will often lead to solving most basic problems. For ignition system diagnosis and testing, please refer to the information on engine electrical components and ignition systems found earlier in this guide. If the ignition system checks out (there is spark), then you must determine if the fuel system is operating properly (is there fuel-).

Of course when diagnosing a running or no-start condition, knowing the engine's mechanical condition is helpful. If the engine's mechanical condition is in good working order, the engine can be expected to run well if the fuel and ignition systems are up to par.

Some of the Honda vehicles covered in this guide do have mechanically adjusted valves; therefore, it is possible to have a "tight" valve contribute to a running problem. Establishing an engine's mechanical condition should be the first step in a logical diagnosis procedure.