Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000

Alternator Precautions


Several precautions must be observed with alternator equipped vehicles to avoid damage to the unit.

ALWAYS observe proper polarity of the battery connections. Use extreme care when jump starting the car. Reversing the battery connections may cause the battery to explode, or result in damage to the one-way rectifiers.
ALWAYS remove the battery or, at least, disconnect the cables while charging to avoid damaging the alternator.
ALWAYS match and/or consider the polarity of the battery, alternator and regulator before making any electrical connections within the system.
ALWAYS disconnect the battery ground terminal while repairing or replacing any electrical components.
NEVER use a fast battery charger to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery.
NEVER attempt to polarize an alternator.
NEVER use test lights of more than 12 volts when checking diode continuity.
NEVER ground or short out the alternator or regulator terminals.
NEVER separate the alternator on an open circuit. Make sure all connections within the circuit are clean and tight.
NEVER use arc welding equipment on the car with the battery cable, PCM or alternator connected.
NEVER operate the alternator with any of its or the battery's lead wires disconnected.
NEVER subject the alternator to excessive heat or dampness (for instance, steam cleaning the engine).
When utilizing a booster battery as a starting aid, always connect the positive to positive terminals and the negative terminal from the booster battery to a good engine ground on the vehicle being started.