Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000

Power Steering Pump



Only genuine Honda power steering fluid should be used when adding fluid. The manufacturer states that ATF or fluids manufactured for use in any other brand of vehicle by their manufacturers or independent suppliers are not compatible with the Honda power steering system.

The use of any other fluid may cause the seal failure, increased wear, and poor steering in cold weather.


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Fig. Twist the power steering fluid reservoir cap to remove it

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Fig. The power steering reservoir cap is held in place by a series of thin plastic ribs. Use caution not to break these when removing the cap

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Fig. The power steering fluid level marks are visible on the side of the reservoir

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Fig. Use a funnel to add the proper type and amount of fluid to the power steering pump fluid reservoir

The fluid in the power steering reservoir should be checked every few weeks for indications of leaks or low fluid level. Check the fluid with the engine cold and the vehicle parked on a level spot. The level should be between the upper and lower marks. Fluid need not be added right away unless it has dropped almost to the lower mark. DO NOT overfill the reservoir.

When adding fluid, or making a complete fluid change, use only Honda Power Steering Fluid. NEVER add automatic transmission fluid. Failure to use the proper fluid may cause excessive wear, damage, and fluid leaks.

  1. The power steering fluid reservoir has upper and lower level lines cast into the sides of the reservoir. The level is checked while the engine is cold and not running.
  3. To top off the system, remove the cap and top off until the fluid level reaches the upper level fluid line, then reinstall the cap.

Be careful not to overfill, as this will cause fluid loss and seal damage. A large loss in fluid volume may indicate a problem, which should be inspected and repaired immediately.