Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000

Coil Springs



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Fig. Always make sure to use the proper tool when removing the coil spring

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. Remove the front wheels.
  5. Unbolt the brake hose clamp from the strut.
  7. Unfasten the damper fork bolts, then remove the damper fork.
  9. Remove the three strut mounting nuts, then remove the strut from the vehicle.
  11. Place the strut in vice and install a suitable spring compressor onto the coil spring. Follow the spring compressor manufacturer's instructions.
  13. Compress the spring and remove the self-locking nut from the top of the strut. Disassemble the strut mounts and remove the coil spring.

The left and right front coil springs on 1996-97 Accords equipped with the 2.2L VTEC (F22B1) engine are not interchangeable. Remember this when ordering parts or reassembling the strut.

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Fig. Coil spring, strut cartridge, and strut mount components-Accord and Prelude

  1. Inspect the strut mounts for wear and damage. Replace any damaged or worn parts.
  3. While the coil spring is removed, you can test the damper as shown in the accompanying illustration.

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Fig. Place a wooden block under the strut assembly before you test it

To install:

Use new self-locking nuts when assembling and installing the struts.

  1. Install the spring compressor onto the coil spring. Set the spring onto the strut cartridge. The flat part of the coil spring is its top.