Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000

Quick-Connect Fittings



A disconnected quick-connect fitting can be re-attached. The retainer on the mating pipe should not be reused once disconnected. It should be replaced when:

Replacing the fuel pump.
Replacing the fuel feed pipe.
It has been removed from the pipe.
It is damaged.

To disconnect a quick-connect fitting, perform the following:

  1. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure, as outlined later in this section.
  3. Clean all dirt off the fuel system connectors before removal of the fitting.
  5. Hold the connector with one hand, then pull the connector off with your other hand by pressing down on the retainer tabs.

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Fig. Press both retainer tabs in to release the fuel line from the connector on quick-connect fittings

  1. Inspect the contact area of the connector for dirt and grime. If the surface is dirty, clean it. If the surface area is rusty or damaged, replace it.

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Fig. Once separated, inspect the fuel line connector and replace the retainer. Coat the contact area of the pipe with a light coating of fresh engine oil

  1. To keep foreign material out of the fitting, cover the end of the line/fitting assembly with a plastic bag such as a sandwich style or locking freezer bag.

To install:

  1. Insert a new retainer into the connector.
  3. Apply a light coating of fresh engine oil to the fuel pipe.
  5. Carefully press the fuel pipe into the connector making sure the retainer snaps in place completely.
  7. Inspect for leakage and repair as necessary.