Honda - Accord Prelude 1996 2000

Wire and Connector Repair


Almost anyone can replace damaged wires, as long as the proper tools and parts are available. Wire and terminals are available to fit almost any need. Even the specialized weatherproof, molded and hard shell connectors are now available from aftermarket suppliers.

Be sure the ends of all the wires are fitted with the proper terminal hardware and connectors. Wrapping a wire around a stud is never a permanent solution and will only cause trouble later. Replace wires one at a time to avoid confusion. Always route wires exactly the same as the factory.

If connector repair is necessary, only attempt it if you have the proper tools. Weatherproof and hard shell connectors require special tools to release the pins inside the connector. Attempting to repair these connectors with conventional hand tools will damage them.

If reliability is a concern, solder wires with rosin core solder whenever possible and insulate them using shrink wrap, or a good quality electrical tape. Exercise care when soldering wires, as proper heat sinks may be needed to prevent component damage from excessive heat. Do not solder a wire or component if there is a potential for heat related damage to occur.