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Honda Civic/CRX/del Sol 1984-1995 Repair Guide

Refrigerant Lines and Hoses



The metal lines and high-pressure hoses used on Honda air conditioners are made to fit the system exactly. Each hose is formed to the proper shape and length; all are equipped with metric fittings. Should replacement of a line or hose be necessary, an original replacement part available at the dealer is highly recommended. Use of generic hoses or clamp-on fittings may cause problems after a period of time. The cost and inconvenience of a second or third repair generally outweighs the initial higher cost of the proper part.

When loosening lines or hoses with threaded fittings, always use a flare-nut or line wrench. Use a back-up wrench on the other fitting to help prevent twisting or cracking the line. Note that some models use a block-type fitting secured with a nut or bolt. A standard wrench or socket can be used on these models.

Always use new O-rings when installing a line or hose. Lightly lubricate the fittings and O-ring with clean refrigerant oil and make absolutely sure it is correctly routed away from hot or moving parts. Install all clips and retainers in their original locations. When tightening threaded fittings, it will be necessary to use a crows foot attachment on the torque wrench. This will allow you to tighten the fitting to the proper specification.