Honda Civic/CRX/del Sol 1984-1995 Repair Guide



this information covers all versions of the Civic, Civic Wagon, CRX and del Sol produced from 1984 to 1995. This includes all of the various trim designations (Std., DX, LX, EX, HF, Si, VTEC, etc.). The following is a reference list illustrating the generations of the Civic family of Honda vehicles.

Civic 1st generation: 1973-79
Civic 2nd generation: 1980-83
Civic 3rd generation: 1984-87
Civic 4th generation: 1988-92
CRX 1st generation: 1984-87
CRX 2nd generation: 1988-91
Civic 5th generation: 1992-95
del Sol 1st generation: 1993-95