Honda Civic/CRX/del Sol 1984-1995 Repair Guide



See Figures 1 and 2

Your Honda comes equipped with an emergency-use scissor jack. This jack is fine for changing a flat tire or other operations where you do not have to go beneath or put your hands beneath the vehicle. There are four lifting points where this jack may be used: one behind each front wheel well and one in front of each rear wheel well in reinforced sheet metal brackets beneath the rocker panels.

A more convenient way of jacking is the use of a garage or floor jack. You may use the floor jack beneath any of the four jacking points or you can raise either the entire front or entire rear of the vehicle using the special jacking brackets beneath the front center or rear center of the vehicle. On station wagon models, the rear of the vehicle may be jacked beneath the center of the rear axle beam.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The jacking points are specially reinforced sections in the body seam below the rocker panel

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Fig. Fig. 2: Front and rear center jacking points enable the respective half of the car to be lifted

The following safety points cannot be overemphasized:

Always block the opposite wheel or wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling off the jack.
When raising the front of the vehicle, firmly apply the parking brake.
When raising the rear of the vehicle, place the transaxle in First or Reverse gear.
Always use jack stands to support the vehicle when you are working underneath (not cinder blocks which can crumble). Place the stands beneath the jacking brackets. Before climbing underneath, rock the vehicle a bit to make sure it is firmly supported.

If you are going to have your Honda serviced on a garage hoist, make sure the four hoist platform pads are placed beneath the scissors jacking brackets. These brackets are reinforced and will support the weight of the entire vehicle.