Bleeding the Brake System


Clean, high quality brake fluid is essential to the safe and proper operation of the brake system. You should always buy the highest quality brake fluid that is available. If the brake fluid becomes contaminated, drain and flush the system, then refill the master cylinder with new fluid. Never reuse any brake fluid. Any brake fluid that is removed from the system should be discarded. Also, do not allow any brake fluid to come in contact with a painted surface; it will damage the paint.

  1. Make sure the brake fluid level in the reservoir is at the MAX (upper) level line (A).
  3. Have an assistant slowly pump the brake pedal several times, then apply steady pressure.
  5. Starting at the left-front, loosen the brake bleed screw to allow air to escape from the system. Then, tighten the bleed screw securely.
  7. Repeat the above steps for each wheel in the sequence shown in the accompanying illustration until no air bubbles are present.
  9. Refill the master cylinder reservoir to the MAX (upper) level line.

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    Fig. Brake bleeding sequence