Honda Prelude Accord Civic S2000 2001-2006



  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
  3. Remove the halfshaft.
  5. Remove the large retaining band from the inboard boot. Remove the smaller band from the inboard boot and slide the boot off the joint.
  7. Carefully remove the stub end of the inboard joint. Check the splines for cracks, wear or damage. Check the inside bore for any sign of wear.
  9. Remove and discard the snapring from the end of the halfshaft. This will allow removal of the spider assembly.
  11. Mark the rollers, spider and the stub end of the axle so that all parts may be reassembled in the same position. Remove the rollers from the spider.
  13. Remove the second snapring from the shaft. Remove the joint boot. If equipped, remove the dynamic damper from the shaft.
  15. If the outer joint's boot is to be replaced, remove the boot clamps and slide the boot off the joint, then off the shaft. Hold the outer joint and swivel the end. If the joint is noisy, it must be replaced. The replacement joint will come with a new shaft; the inner joint must be assembled onto the shaft.
  17. Clean and inspect all disassembled parts. Any sign of wear requires replacement.

To install:

  1. Thoroughly pack the inboard and outboard joints with moly grease. Use only moly grease; other lubricants will not last. Wrap the splines of the shaft in vinyl or electrical tape to protect the boots as they are installed.
  3. Slide the boot for the outer joint over the shaft and onto the joint. Do not install the bands yet.
  5. Slide the inner boot onto the shaft. Install the dynamic damper if it was removed.
  7. Install the inboard snapring on the shaft. Install the rollers and bearing races on the spider shafts. Hold the shaft upright, then slide the spider assembly into the inboard shaft joint. Install the outer snapring.
  9. Slide the boots over both joints. Position the small end of the boot so that the band will be centered between the locating humps on the shaft. Install the band; bend both sets of locking tabs. Once the band is in place, expand and compress the boots once or twice; allow the boots to return to their normal size and length.
  11. Adjust the length of the halfshaft to the specifications listed below, then adjust the boots to halfway between full compression and full extension. Make sure the ends of the boots seat in the groove of the driveshaft and joint. Correct shaft lengths are:

    2001-02 Accord with M/T-Left and right shafts: 19.1-19.3 in. (486-491mm).
    2001-02 Accord with A/T-Left shaft: 33.3-33.5 in. (845-850mm). Right shaft: 19.1-19.9 in. (486-491mm).
    2003-06 Accord (4 cyl.) with M/T-Left shaft: 21.42-21.61 in. (544-549mm). Right shaft: 18.62-18.82 in. (473-478mm).
    2003-06 Accord (4 cyl.) with A/T-Left shaft: 21.61-21.81 in. (549-554mm). Right shaft: 33.43-33.62 in. (849-854mm).
    2003-06 Accord (V6)-Left shaft: 21.81-22.01 in. (554-559mm). Right shaft: 20.16-20.35 in. (512-517mm)
    Civic-see accompanying illustration.

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    Fig. Halfshaft length specifications-Civic

    S2000-Left halfshaft: 22.8-23 inches (579-584 mm). Right halfshaft-24.6-24.8 inches (624-629 mm).