Honda Prelude Accord Civic S2000 2001-2006

Valve (Rocker Arm) Covers


Removal & Installation

Accord & Prelude
Except 2.4L Engine
  1. Remove the spark plug wires by twisting side to side and gently pulling. Note or label their location and place aside.
  3. Starting from the outside and working inward, using a 10mm wrench or socket with an extension and ratchet, remove the fasteners securing the valve cover to the cylinder head.
  5. If equipped, remove all hoses and brackets.
  7. Carefully lift the cover off the cylinder head. Use care to not loose the sealing grommets when lifting the cover. Place the cover upright in a clean, protected area. If the cover is stuck onto the cylinder head, using a suitable prytool carefully pry the cover upward at the corners. Move each corner no more than a 1 / 16 inch at a time.

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    Fig. Use a pick tool to carefully remove the valve cover-to-spark plug tube grommets

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    Fig. Carefully remove and inspect the valve cover gasket and replace it if it is damaged