Maintenance Intervals


Maintenance Minder Schedule


2006 honda ridgeline
-Engine oil -Change
-Engine oil and filterChange
  Parking brake adjustmentCheck
  Steering gear and linkageInspect
  Suspension componentsInspect
  Driveshaft bootsInspect
  Brake hoses and linesInspect
  Exhaust systemInspect
  Fuel lines and connectionsInspect
2Engine air filter -Replace
  Dust and pollen filter -Replace
  Accessory drive beltInspect
3Transmission fluid -Replace
  Transfer case fluid -Replace
4Spark plugsReplace
  Timing belt -Replace
  Water pumpInspect
  Valve clearance -Inspect
5Engine coolantReplace
6VTM-4 rear differential fluidReplace
1The Ridgeline displays engine oil life and maintenance service items in the information display to indicate when to perform
2- If the message SERVICE DUE NOW does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change every year.
3- If driven in dusty conditions, replace every 15,000 miles.
4- If driven in urban areas that have a high concentration of soot from industry and diesel, replace every 15,000 miles
5- If regularly driven in mountainous areas at very low speed or trailer towing, change the fluid every 30,000 miles.
6- If driven regularly in temperatures over 110 deg.F or below -20 deg.F, or towing a trailer, replace every 60,000 miles.
7- Adjust if necessary.