Hyundai Coupes/Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

General Description


The cruise control system is used on the Elantra, Sonata and the Scoupe and may be purchased as an option of the Excel. This system is comprised of the following components:

Vehicle speed sensor-this sensor is used to convert vehicle speed to the signal pulse.
Electronic control unit (ECU)-this electronic control unit receives signals from the sensor and control switches and then uses all of this data to control the automatic cruise control functions.
Actuator-the actuator is used to regulate the throttle valve to the set opening by signals from the ECU.
Cruise main switch-this switch is used for the cruise control power supply.
Set/Resume switch-this switch controls the cruise control functions by set (coast) and resume (accel.).
Cruise main indicator switch-this switch illuminates when the cruise main switch in on (built into the cruise switch.
Piezo alarm-When the set or resume switch is switched on, the alarm sounds to notify the driver that the control unit has received the on signal.
Cancel switch-which incorporates the brake, inhibitor and clutch switches, sends the cancel signal to the ECU.
ELC-4 speed automatic transaxle control unit-control the overdrive on and off, based on signals from the ECU and the ASC.
Diagnostic connector-is used by connecting a voltmeter or multi-tester so as to retrieve the control unit diagnosis codes.