Hyundai Coupes/Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Timing Sprockets and Oil Seals



  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the valve cover(s) and timing belt(s).
  5. Remove the crankshaft pulley retainer bolts and remove the pulley.
  7. Remove the crankshaft sprocket retainer bolt and washer from the sprocket, if used, and remove sprocket. If sprocket is difficult to remove or there are no bolts on the puller, the appropriate puller should be used to facilitate remove.
  9. Hold the camshaft stationary using the hexagon cast between journals No. 2 and 3 and remove the retainer bolt. Remove the sprocket from the camshaft. If the camshaft does not have a hexagon cast between journals No. 2 and 3, use the appropriate spanner wrench to hold the shaft in position while removing the bolt.
  11. Pry the seals from the bores and replace using the proper installation tools.
  13. The sprockets should be inspected and replaced if there is any sign of damaged teeth or cracking. Do not immerse sprockets in solvent, as solvent that has soaked into the metal may cause deterioration of the timing belt later.

To install:
  1. Install the sprockets to their shafts. Install the retainer bolts and torque the camshaft sprocket as follows:

    1468cc Engine-54 ft. lbs. (75 Nm)
    1495cc Engine-58-72 ft. lbs. (80- (100 Nm)
    1596cc Engine-58-72 ft. lbs. (80- (100 Nm)
    1796cc Engine-58-72 ft. lbs. (80- (100 Nm)
    1997cc Engine-58-72 ft. lbs. (80- (100 Nm)
    2351cc Engine-72 ft. lbs. (98 Nm)
    2972cc Engine-72 ft. lbs. (98 Nm)

  3. Install the flange and crankshaft sprocket. The flange must go on first with the chamfered area outward. The sprocket is installed with the boss forward and the studs for the fan belt pulley outward. Torque the crankshaft sprocket retaining bolt as follows:

    1468cc Engine-72 ft. lbs. (98 Nm)
    1495cc Engine-140-147 ft. lbs. (190-200 Nm)
    1596cc Engine-80-94 ft. lbs. (110-130 Nm)
    1796cc Engine-80-94 ft. lbs. (110-130 Nm)
    1997cc Engine-80-94 ft. lbs. (110-130 Nm)
    2351cc Engine-94 ft. lbs. (127 Nm)
    2972cc Engine-116 ft. lbs. (157 Nm).

  5. Install the timing belt(s) and valve cover(s).
  7. Connect the negative battery cable and check for leaks.