Hyundai Coupes/Sedans 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Electric Sunroof



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Fig. Fig. 1: Power sunroof assembly components

Sunroof Glass and Sunshade
  1. Slide the sunshade all the way back. Pry the plug out of each mount bracket cover, remove the screw, then slide the cover off to the rear.
  3. Close the glass fully. Remove the nuts from the front and rear mounts on both sides.
  5. Remove the glass by lifting it up and pulling it towards the front of the vehicle. Once the glass is removed, pull the sunshade out. When removing the sunshade, it is correct to bend the sunshade slightly to aid in the removal.
  7. Installation is the reverse order of the removal procedure.

Sunroof Motor, Drain Tube and Frame
  1. Remove the headliner from inside of the vehicle.
  3. Remove the sunroof motor by removing 2 bolts and 3 nuts from the bottom of the motor mount plate. Disconnect the motor wire harness at the connector and remove the motor.
  5. Slide back the drain tube clamps and remove the drain tubes. Remove the 11 mounting bolts from the sunroof frame and remove the frame from the vehicle.
  7. To install, insert the frame's rear pins into the body holes, then install the rest of the assembly in the reverse order of the removal procedure.

Before installing the sunroof motor, measure the effort required to close the sliding panel using a suitable spring scale. If the load is over 22 lbs., check the side clearance and the glass height adjustment. Be sure when using the spring scale to protect the leading edge of the sunroof with a shop rag.

Sunroof Cable Replacement

With the sun roof out of the vehicle, remove the guide rail mounting nuts, lift off the guide rails and remove the cables with the rear mounts attached. Be sure to fill the groove in each grommet with a suitable sealant and apply a suitable grease to the inner cable.

Wind Deflector

A gap between the deflector seal and roof molding will cause wind noise when driving at high speed with the roof opening.

  1. Open the sunroof and pry the rail covers off of both sides. Loosen the deflector mounting nuts. The wind deflector can be adjusted 2.0mm forward or backward.
  3. Adjust the deflector forward or backward so that the edge of its seal touches the roof molding evenly.
  5. The height of the deflector when opened can not be adjusted. If it is damaged or deformed, replace it.