Hyundai Coupes/Sedans 1994-1998 Repair Guide




See Figures 1 and 2

The CV (Constant Velocity) boots should be checked for damage each time the oil is changed and/or any other time the vehicle is raised for service. These boots keep water, grime, dirt and other damaging matter from entering the CV-joints. Any contamination could cause early CV-joint failure which can be expensive to repair. Heavy grease thrown around the inside of the front wheel(s) and on the brake caliper/drum can be an indication of a torn boot. Thoroughly check the boots for missing clamps and tears. If the boot is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. For more information on CV-Boots, please refer to Drive Train of this repair guide.

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Fig. Fig. 1: CV-boots must be inspected periodically for damage

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Fig. Fig. 2: A torn boot should be replaced immediately