Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-05

Charging the System


Air conditioning refrigerant or lubricant vapor can irritate your eyes, nose, or throat. Be careful when connecting service equipment. Do not breathe refrigerant or vapor.

If accidental system discharge occurs, ventilate work area before resuming service. Additional health and safety information may be obtained from the refrigerant and lubricant manufacturers.

  1. Connect a R-134a refrigerant recover/recycling/charging station (A) to the high-pressure service port (B) and the low-pressure service port (C), as shown, following the equipment manufacturers instructions.

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    Fig. High and low pressure port locations

  3. Add the same amount of new refrigerant oil to the system that was removed during recovery. Use only ND-OIL8 refrigerant oil.
  5. Charge the system with the specified amount of R-134a refrigerant. Do not overcharge the system; the compressor will be damaged.
  7. Refrigerant capacity: 1.1245 pounds plus or minus 0.056 pounds.