Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-05

Leak Testing


Always conduct a leak test with an electronic leak detector whenever leakage of refrigerant is suspected and when conducting service operations which are accompanied by disassembly or loosening of connection fittings.

In order to use the leak detector properly, read the manual supplied by the manufacturer.

If a gas leak is detected, proceed as follows:

  1. Check the torque on the connection fittings and, if too loose, tighten to the proper torque. Check for gas leakage with a leak detector.
  3. If leakage continues even after the fitting has been tightened, discharge the refrigerant from the system, disconnect the fittings, and check their seating faces for damage. Always replace, even if the damage is slight.
  5. Check the compressor oil and add oil if required.
  7. Charge the system and recheck for gas leaks. If no leaks are found, evacuate and charge the system again.

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    Fig. Electronic leak detector