I30 1996-1997

Removal & Installation


  1. Position the wheels in the straight-ahead direction. The steering wheel should be right side up and level.
  3. Disconnect both battery cables.
    Wait 10 minutes after the battery cable has been disconnected, before attempting to work on the Air Bag unit. The Air Bag unit is still armed and can inflate, during the 10 minute period, and possibly causing bodily injury.

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    Fig. Steering wheel and related parts-I30 model

  5. Remove the lower lid from the steering wheel and disconnect the Air Bag unit electrical connector.
  7. Remove both side lids from the steering wheel.
  9. Using a T50H Torx® bit, remove the Air Bag-to-steering wheel bolts from both sides of the steering wheel; discard the bolts.
  11. Lift the Air Bag unit upward and place it in a safe, clean, dry place with the pad side facing upward; be sure the temperature in the area will not exceed 212°F (100°C).
  13. Disconnect the horn connector and remove the nuts.
  15. Matchmark the top of the steering column shaft and the steering wheel flange.
  17. Remove the steering wheel-to-steering column nut. Using the steering wheel puller tool ST27180001 or equivalent, pull the steering wheel from the steering column.
    Do not strike the shaft with a hammer, which may cause the column to collapse.

  19. Apply multi-purpose grease to the entire surface of the turn signal cancel pin (both portions) and the horn contact slip ring.
  21. Install the steering wheel by aligning the matchmarks. Do not drive or hammer the steering wheel into place or you may cause the collapsible steering column to collapse, in which case you'll have to buy a whole new steering column unit.
  23. Torque the steering wheel-to-steering column nut to 25-29 ft. lbs. (33-39 Nm).
  25. Connect the horn electrical connector and install the nuts.
  27. Align the spiral cable correctly with the alignment mark and install the Air Bag unit into the steering wheel.
  29. Using new Air Bag-to-steering wheel Torx® bolts, install them into both sides of the steering wheel and torque to 11-18 ft. lbs. (15-25 Nm).
  31. Install both side lids to the steering wheel.
  33. Connect the Air Bag unit electrical connector and install the lower lid to the steering wheel.
  35. Connect the negative battery cable and make sure the Air Bag red indicator light turns ON . The AIR BAG light should extinguish after about seven seconds. If the light does not extinguish, check the Air Bag self diagnostic system for a malfunction.