ION, L-Series, S-Series 1999-2005

Neutral Safety Switch



On vehicles equipped with an automatic transaxle, a neutral safety switch is mounted on the rear side of the transaxle bell housing to prevent starting the vehicle unless the shifter is in NEUTRAL or PARK . If the switch is suspected, check it as follows:

  1. Detach the electrical connector from the neutral safety switch that contains only 2-pins. These should be terminals A and B .
  3. With the transaxle in REVERSE , 3RD or 2ND , measure the resistance of the switch across terminals A and B ; the circuit should be open (infinite resistance).
  5. With the transaxle in PARK or NEUTRAL , the resistance across the two switch terminals should be less than 2 ohms.

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    Fig. Electrical schematic for the starting/charging system