ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996

Damper Cylinder



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Some newer models equipped with V6 engines utilize a damper cylinder to prevent the shift fork from snapping back into place if the clutch pedal is released suddenly. It acts as a sort of brake fluid filled shock absorber for the clutch system.

  1. To ascertain whether your particular vehicle is equipped with a damper cylinder, trace the clutch master cylinder fluid lines until they are threaded into a component. If this component is mounted on the transmission and is only equipped with 1 fluid line, it is the slave cylinder and your vehicle is not equipped with damper cylinder. If, however, the next component down the clutch lines from the master cylinder is mounted to a frame rail or the lower section of the firewall and is attached to 2 or 3 fluid lines, it is the damper cylinder. If equipped with 3 fluid lines, 1 of the fluid lines should lead to the damper cylinder bleeder valve.
  3. Using a flare nut wrench, disconnect and plug all 3 fluid lines from the cylinder.
  5. Remove the damper cylinder mounting bracket bolts and remove the cylinder from the vehicle.

To install:
  1. Position the damper cylinder in place, install the mounting bolts and tighten until secure.
  3. Attach all 3 fluid lines to the damper cylinder. Thread the flare fitting of the fluid lines in carefully by hand to avoid crossthreading them. Once adequately started, use the flare nut wrench to tighten the fittings.
  5. Bleed the clutch system.

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Fig. Fig. 1: View of a common master cylinder and a damper cylinder (V6 engines only)