ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996

General Information



Be careful not to get water on any electronic component. Pay close attention to the relay box and throttle valve switch connector. The connector is not waterproofed and may be damaged by water.

When charging the battery be sure to remove it from the vehicle first. Never disconnect the battery cable from the battery when the engine is running. The generation of surge voltage may damage the control unit and other electrical parts.

When replacing parts or checking the system, make sure to set the starter switch to the OFF position. When measuring voltage at the control unit harness connector, unplug all the control unit harnesses first, then set the starter switch to the ON position.

When checking the electrical terminals of the control unit with a tester, do not apply the probe to terminal directly but insert a pin into the terminal from the harness side and perform the measurement through the pin. If the tester probe is held against the terminal directly, the terminal will be deformed, causing poor contact. Connect each harness correctly and firmly to insure a good contact.

The wiring connectors for the fuel injector, throttle valve switch, air regulator and water temperature sensor are provided with locked wires. To unlock the connector, pull and shake it gently.

System cables must be placed at least 4 in. (10 cm) away from the tension cables. Be careful not to apply any shock to the system components such as the air flow sensor, crank angle sensor, and control unit. Component parts of the fuel injection system are precisely set. Even a slight distortion or dent will seriously affect performance.

The fuel pump must not be operated without fuel. Since fuel lubricates the pump, noise or other serious problems such as parts seizure will result. It is also prohibited to use any fuel other than gasoline.