ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996

Electronic Brake Control Module



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Fig. Fig. 1: ECU location under the passenger seat

The Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM), also known as the RWAL Electronic Control Unit (ECU), is a non-serviceable unit. It must be replaced when diagnosis indicates it is faulty. Because it is expensive and normally non-returnable, be absolutely sure the module is at fault before replacement.

  1. Turn the ignition switch OFF . The switch MUST be OFF whenever you are connecting/disconnecting power from the module. Failure to do this may destroy the computer.
  3. Disengage the wiring harness connector(s) from the computer control module.
  5. Grasp the module and remove it by pulling toward the front of the vehicle. If necessary, gently pry the tab at the rear of the module while pulling.

Do not touch the electrical connectors or pins; do not allow them to contact brake fluid. If contaminated with brake fluid, clean them with water followed by isopropyl alcohol.

To install:
  1. Install the computer module by aligning it, then carefully sliding it into the bracket until the tab locks into place.
  3. Attach the wiring harness connector(s) to the module.
  5. Turn the ignition ON , and verify proper system operation.