ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996

Diesel Injection Timing



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

  1. Check to see if the notched lines on the injection pump and mounting plate are aligned.
  3. Bring the No. 1 piston to Top Dead Center (TDC) on the compression stroke by turning the crankshaft. The correct notch must be used for alignment as the damper pulley is provided with a total of seven notches.
  5. Remove the front upper timing belt cover, then check the timing belt for proper tension and alignment of the timing marks.
  7. Remove the rocker arm cover and rear camshaft plug, then check that fixing plate J-29761, or equivalent, fits smoothly into the slit at the rear end of the camshaft, then remove the fixing plate.
  9. Disconnect the injection pipe from the injection pump and remove the distributor head screw and gasket, then install a static timing gauge. Set the lift about 0.040 in. (1mm) from the plunger.
  11. Bring the piston in No. 1 cylinder to a point 45°-60° before TDC by turning the crankshaft, then calibrate the dial indicator to zero.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Before adjusting the injection timing, make certain that the injection pump and mounting bracket are aligned-2.2L diesel engine