ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996



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Throughout production of the 1981-96 Isuzu trucks and sport utility vehicles, there have been 9 manual transmissions available: MSG-4, MSG-4L, MSG-5, MSG-5C, MSG-5L, MUA-5, MUA-5C, T5R and NV1500. Most of these transmissions, with the exception of the T5R and NV1500, are simply slight alterations of the Isuzu manual transmission. The T5R and NV1500 are, or were, manufactured by General Motors. The NV1500 is only available on the 1996 Hombre (which is only available with 2-wheel drive), and the T5R is only available on the 1991-96 Rodeo with the V6 engine (either the 3.1L in 1991 or the 3.2L from 1992-96). The Transmission Identification Numbers (TIN) on all of these transmissions are located on the left-hand side of the transmission body, mounted either on a label or stamped directly into the case.

The Isuzu line of trucks and sport utility vehicles have come with a total of 5 automatic transmissions: AW03-55, AW03-75, AW03-72L, AW30-80LE and 4L30-E. The first two are 3-speed transmissions, and the latter three are 4-speed models. As with the manual transmissions, the TIN is located on the side of the transmission case.

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