ISUZU Amigo/Pick-ups/Rodeo/Trooper 1981-1996

Relieving Fuel System Pressure


Disconnect the negative battery cable. Keep a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher available. Always relieve the fuel pressure before disconnecting a fuel line. Wrap a shop cloth around a fuel line when disconnecting the line. Always use new O-rings. Do not replace the fuel pipes with fuel hoses. Always use a back-up wrench when opening or closing a fuel line.

  1. Allow the engine to cool. Then, remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse block or disconnect the fuel pump relay.
  3. Crank the engine; it will start and run until the fuel supply remaining in the fuel lines is exhausted. When the engine stops, engage the starter again for 3 seconds to assure dissipation of any remaining pressure.
  5. With the ignition OFF , reinstall the fuel pump fuse or connect the fuel pump relay.