Fuel Level Sending Unit/Sensor


Description & Operation

The fuel level sensor is mounted in the fuel level sensor unit. The sensor detects a fuel level in the fuel tank and transmits a signal to the combination meter. The combination meter sends the fuel level sensor signal to the ECM through CAN communication line. It consists of two parts, one is a mechanical float and the other is a variable resistor. Fuel level sensor output voltage changes depending on the movement of the fuel mechanical float.

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Fig. The fuel level sensor

Removal & Installation

  1. Check fuel level on fuel gauge. If fuel gauge indicates full or almost full, drain fuel from fuel tank until fuel gauge indicates nearly three-quarters full.
  3. Release the fuel pressure from the fuel lines.
  5. Open fuel filler lid.
  7. Open fuel filler cap and release the pressure inside fuel tank.
  9. Remove rear seat cushion.
  11. Peel away floor carpet, then remove the inspection hole cover for the main and sub fuel level sensor units by turning clips clockwise by 90°.
  13. Disconnect the harness connector and the fuel feed tube.
  15. Disconnect quick connector as follows:

    Hold the sides of connector, push in tabs and pull out fuel feed tube.
    If quick connector sticks to tube of main fuel level sensor unit, push and pull quick connector several times until they start to move. Then disconnect them by pulling.

  17. Remove the main fuel level sensor unit, the fuel filter and the fuel pump assembly, and the sub fuel level sensor unit as follows:

    Removal of main fuel level sensor unit, fuel filter and fuel pump assembly:
    Remove retainer.
    Raise main fuel level sensor unit, fuel filter and fuel pump assembly, and then remove jet pump.
    Leave the jet pump on the fuel tank with the fuel hose.
    Removal of sub fuel level sensor unit:
    Remove retainer.
    Raise and release sub fuel level sensor unit to remove.


To install:

  1. Install the sensor in reverse order of removal with the following notes:

    When installing the jet pump, insert them fully until a clicking sound of the full stopper engagement is heard.
    Face the main and the sub fuel level sensor units and install it with the dowel pin on back aligned with the pin hole on the fuel tank.
    Install the retainer so that its notch becomes parallel with the notch on the fuel tank.
    Tighten the retainer mounting bolts evenly.