General Information


The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) consists of electronic and hydraulic components. It helps to control braking force so that wheel lock up can be avoided. ABS also improves proper tracking performance through steering wheel operation, eases obstacle avoidance through steering wheel operation and improves vehicle stability.

When the speed of the vehicle s less than 10 km/h (6 MPH) the ABS does not work.

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) has a self-test function. The system turns on the ABS warning lamp for 1 second each time the ignition switch is turned ON. After the engine is started, the ABS warning lamp turns off. The system performs a test the first time the vehicle reaches 6 km/h (4 MPH). A mechanical noise may be heard as the ABS performs this self-test. This is a normal part of the self-test feature. If a malfunction is found during this check, the ABS warning lamp will stay on.

While driving, a mechanical noise may be heard during ABS operation. This is a normal condition.

The ABS sensor unit consists of a gear-shaped sensor rotor and a sensor element. The element contains a bar magnet around which a coil is wound. The front sensors are installed on the front spindles and the rear sensors are installed on the rear spindles. As the wheel rotates, the sensor generates a sine-wave pattern. The frequency and voltage increase(s) as the rotating speed increases.

  1. The ABS control unit computes the wheel rotating speed by the signal current sent from the sensor. Then it supplies a DC current to the actuator solenoid valve. It also controls ON-OFF operation of the valve relay and motor relay. If any electrical malfunction should be detected in the system, the control unit causes the warning lamp to light up. In this condition, the ABS will be deactivated by the control unit, and the vehicle-s brake system reverts to normal operation.

The ABS actuator and electric unit contains the following:

An electric motor and pump
Two relays
Six solenoid valves, each inlet and outlet for LH front, RH front and Rear
ABS control unit