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Isuzu Ascender 2003-05

5.3L V8 VIN P Auto


5.3L V8 VIN P Auto

Trouble Code: P0711

Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Performance

Possible Causes:

TFT signal or ground circuit has a high resistance condition
TFT sensor is out-of-calibration (it may be skewed)
TFT sensor is damaged or has failed
PCM has failed

Trouble Code: P1171

Fuel System Lean During Acceleration Detected

Possible Causes:

Air intake leaks in the engine, or in the PCV system (valve)
Air leaks at the EGR gasket, or at the EGR valve diaphragm
Base engine "mechanical" fault affecting one or more cylinders
Exhaust leaks before or near where the front HO2S is mounted
Fuel injectors (one or more) restricted (allowing too little fuel)
Fuel delivery system supplying too little fuel during acceleration periods (e.g., faulty fuel pump, dirty or restricted fuel filter)
Fuel control sensor out of calibration (i.e., IAT, MAF or MAP)
HO2S is contaminated, deteriorated or it has failed
Vehicle driven low on fuel or until it ran out of fuel