Jeep CJ 1945-1970 Repair Information

Striker Plate



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Fig. Fig. 1: Lock toggle and striker plate positioning for Utility models

To prevent the door's opening in the safety latched position, the door striker wedge must be properly positioned in relation to the cam surface of the lock toggle. Improper safety latch positioning will permit the toggle to override the striker pin, causing the door to open. The striker must be positioned so that the door lock toggle will be held securely in engagement with the striker pin.

  1. Position a brass drift against the upper inside edge of the striker plate.
  3. Using a heavy hammer, drive the striker plate outward until the wedge end of the plate firmly contacts the cam surface of the lock toggle, exerting enough pressure to prevent the toggle from over-riding the striker pin.
  5. Make several checks of the safety latch operation until it is satisfactory.
  7. Securely tighten the striker plate-to-pillar screws after the adjustment.