Jeep CJ 1945-1970 Repair Information




CJ-2A and 2WD Utility Models

First disconnect the shift rods from the remote control levers. Check for binding of the remote control shaft on the steering column and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate any binding condition.

If the shift is not smooth and positive, first make sure that the transmission is in Neutral and then remove the shift rods at the transmission by removing the clevis pins. Slip a short piece of snug fitting 1 / 4 in. (6mm) aligning rod through the gearshift levers and housing.

This places the shift lever and clutch assemblies in the Neutral position. Adjust the shift rod yokes at the transmission end so that the clevis pins can be installed freely without moving the shift levers on the transmission. Remove the alignment pin.

If shifting from First to Second is difficult or the transmission hangs up in First gear, shorten the Low and Reverse rod one turn at a time until the condition is corrected. Usually three turns are required. Should the fault continue after completing the above adjustment, check further as follows:

First, remove the lubricating fitting from the shifter housing. Use a narrow feeler gauge which will enter the opening for the lubricator and check the clearance between the faces of the shifting clutches. The clearance should be 0.015-0.031 in. (0.381-0.787mm). If the clearance is greater, the assembly must be removed for adjustment. The shift dog which engages the clutch slots should not have more than 0.009 in. (0.2286mm) clearance in the slots. If the clearance between the clutch grooves and cross pins is too great, these parts must be replaced.

To remove the remote control housing from the steering column for repairs, the following procedure is suggested:

  1. Remove the shifting rods from the transmission and also from the steering column remove control clutch levers.
  3. Remove the gearshift lever fulcrum pin and the gearshift lever.
  5. Remove the plates on the toe board of the steering post.
  7. Remove the two screws that hold the remote control housing to the steering post and lift the housing from the positioning pin.
  9. Remove the assembly down through the floor pan.
  11. Remove the lower clutch and shift lever from the housing by turning counterclockwise.
  13. Remove the upper clutch and shift lever in the same manner.

To assemble:
  1. Wash all of the parts in a suitable cleaning solution and replace all worn parts before reassembling.
  3. Assemble the upper clutch assembly in the housing making sure that the alignment hole in the housing faces the engine. Turn the upper lever assembly in as far as it will go and then back off one full turn until the hole in the clutch lever aligns with the hole in the housing.
  5. Assemble the lower clutch lever assembly in the housing until the faces of the clutches contact, then back off not more than 1 / 2 of a turn which should bring the aligning hole in the lever in line with the hole in the housing. If the 1 / 2 turn does not bring the alignment hole into the proper position, it will be necessary to grind off the face of the lower clutch so that it can be backed off 1 / 2 turn from contact with the upper clutch. The proper clearance of 0.015 in. (0.381mm) is obtained when the lower clutch is backed off 1 / 2 turn.
  7. Assemble the unit to the steering post in the reverse order of removal and adjust the remote control rods.
  9. If, after assembly, the shifter dog catches on the edge of the slot in the clutch when moving the lever up and down, disconnect the shift rod at the transmission end and either lengthen or shorten it slightly to correct this condition.