Jeep CJ 1945-1970 Repair Information

Turn Signal Switch



The turn signal switch is attached to the steering column; the whole unit is mounted externally. To remove the switch assembly, perform the following:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the attaching screws.
  5. Unfasten the wires.
  7. Remove the unit from the steering column.
  9. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.


The most frequent causes of failure in the directional signal system are loose connections and burned out bulbs. A flashing rate of approximately twice normal usually indicates a burned out bulb in the circuit. When trouble in the signal switch is suspected, it is advisable to make a few checks to definitely locate the trouble before going tot he effort of removing the signal switch. First check the fuse. There is an inline fuse located between the ignition switch and the turn signal flasher. If the fuse checks out OK, next eliminate the flasher unit by substituting a known good flasher. If a new flasher does not cure the trouble, check the signal system wiring connections at the fuse and at the steering column connector.

If the right front parking light and the right rear stop light are inoperative, switch failure is indicated. If the brake lights function properly, the rear signal lights are OK.

To check the switch, first put the control lever in the neutral position. Then disconnect the wire to the right side circuit and bridge it to the "L'' terminal, thus bypassing the signal switch. If the right side circuit lights, the signal switch is inoperative and must be replaced.