Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-1986 Repair Guide



The carburetors used on engines equipped with emission controls have specific flow characteristics that differ from the carburetors used on vehicles not equipped with emission control devices. The carburetors are identified by number. The correct carburetor should be used when replacement is necessary.

A carburetor dashpot is used on the 4-134 to control throttle closing speed.



Check the carburetor for the proper application. Check the dashpot for proper operation and adjust as required. When the throttle is released quickly, the arm of the dashpot should fully extend itself and should catch the throttle lever, letting it back to idle position gradually.

Proper idle mixture adjustment is imperative for best exhaust emission control. The idle adjustment should be made with the engine at normal operating temperature and the air cleaner in place. All lights and accessories must be turned off and the transmission must be in neutral. See Engine Performance & Tune-up for adjustment procedures.


Check the distributor number for proper application. Check the distributor cam dwell angle and point condition and adjust to specifications or replace as required. See Engine Performance & Tune-up for procedures.