Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-1986 Repair Guide

Valve Guides



See Figure 1

4-134 Engine

A press is used for removal and installation of guides.

  1. Place the head in the press and press the old guide out through the bottom and the new one in through the top. The only guides in the head are the intakes.
  3. Once the new guide is in place, check its protrusion. The guide should be flush with the head surface.
  5. The exhaust valve guides are also replaceable. These guides are located in the block. A press is not necessary for this procedure. The engine should be removed from the vehicle. The head, oil pan and crankshaft should be removed. The guides are driven out of their bores from above, with a driver made for the purpose. The new guides are then driven in with the same tool, until their tops are 1 inch below the block surface.
  7. After the guides are in place they must be reamed:

    Intake, 0.3740-0.3760 in. (9.4996-9.5504mm)
    Exhaust, 0.3735-0.3765 in. (9.4869-9.5631mm)


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Fig. Fig. 1: Cross section of a knurled valve guide