Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-1986 Repair Guide

Quadra-Trac® Full Time Transfer Case


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Fluid levels in the Quadra-Trac® transfer case and low range reduction unit, if so equipped, should be checked at the same time. The lubricant levels are checked at the filler plug holes. The filler plug holes are located on the rear side of the transfer case assembly, just below center in the middle of the case housing and to the right of center of the reduction unit housing. The lubricant should be level with each filler plug hole. If not, replenish with Quadra-Trac® lubricant.


Remove the filler plugs from both the transfer case and the optional low range reduction unit. Remove the transfer case drain plug and allow the unit to drain. Replace the plug. Loosen the five bolts on the reduction unit (it has no drain plug) and pull it out slightly. Add one pint of Quadra-Trac® lubricant to the reduction unit and install the filler plug. Fill the transfer case to the filler hole level with Quadra-Trac® lubricant and replace the plug.

Don't overtighten the filler and drain plugs in the aluminum case. The correct torque is 10-25 ft. lbs.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Typical Quadra-Trac external components

After changing the fluid, it may be necessary to drive the vehicle in figure 8s for about fifteen minutes to work the fresh lubricant into the clutches in the transfer case differential.

Don't hold the steering wheel on full lock for more than about five seconds at a time during these maneuvers. The power steering fluid can overheat and cause pump and gear damage.

The Quadra-Trac® in some Jeep vehicles may develop a low frequency, pulsating noise or grating or rasping which sometimes occurs in low speed cornering or parking. This is caused by the brake cones releasing suddenly after sticking. The condition is known as stick-slip. As a remedy, a lubricant, part number Jeep 8130444, which must be used in a drain and refill procedure. However, this new lubricant is especially prone to water contamination, so a new vent kit must be installed. The kit is part number 81030445. On vehicles that do not exhibit this problem, the original lubricant, part number 5358652 may be used. Directions for installing the vent kit are supplied with the kit.