Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-1986 Repair Guide

Steering Knuckle Oil Seal



CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7 and Scrambler
  1. Remove the old steering knuckle oil seal by removing the eight screws which hold it in place. Jeeps have a split oil seal and backing ring assembly, an oil seal felt, and two seal retainer plate halves.
  3. Examine the spherical surface of the axle for scores or scratches which could damage the seal. Smooth any roughness with emery cloth.
  5. Before installing the oil seal felt, make a diagonal cut across the top side of the felt so that it may be slipped over the axle. Install the oil seal assembly in the sequence mentioned above, making sure the backing ring (of the oil seal and backing ring assembly) is toward the wheel.

After driving in wet, freezing weather swing the front wheels from side to side to remove moisture adhering to the oil seal and the spherical surface of the axle housing. This will prevent freezing with resultant damage to the seals. Should be vehicle be stored for any period of time, coat the surfaces with light grease to prevent rusting.