Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-1986 Repair Guide

Power Steering Pump



If the power steering pump has to be removed to service another component, it is not necessary to remove the hoses from the pump. Just disconnect the mounting fixtures and lift the pump away from the engine and lay it out of the way. The only time the power steering hoses have to be removed from the pump is when the pump has to be removed from the vehicle for service or replacement.

  1. Remove the pump drive belt tension adjusting bolt. Disconnect the belt from the pump.
  3. Disconnect the return and pressure hoses from the pump. Cover the hose connector and union on the pump and open ends of the hoses to avoid the entrance of dirt.
  5. On the 8-304, remove the front bracket from the engine.
  7. Remove the two nuts which secure the rear of the pump to the bracket, and the two bolts which secure the front of the pump to the bracket and remove the pump.
  9. To install, position the pump in the bracket and install the rear attaching screws. On the 8-304, install the front bracket.
  11. Connect the hydraulic hoses.
  13. Adjust the drive belt tension.
  15. Fill the pump reservoir to the correct level.
  17. Start the engine and wait for at least three minutes before turning the steering wheel. Check the lever frequently during this time.
  19. Slowly turn the steering wheel through its entire range a few times with the engine running. Recheck the level and inspect for possible leaks.

If air becomes trapped in the fluid, the pump may become noisy until all of the air is out. This may take some time since trapped air does not bleed out rapidly.