Jeep Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee 1957-1983 Repair Information

Dash-Mounted Ignition Switch


For column-mounted switches, see Drive Train .


  1. From the back of the instrument panel, press the switch body toward the panel, compressing the spring, until the notched bezel is free to be turned counterclockwise, releasing it from the notch pins.
  3. Remove the bezel and pull back on the switch body, releasing the spring tension.
  5. Lower the switch body from under the instrument panel, so that the wiring harness plug can be disconnected.
  7. If the lock cylinder is to be removed, turn the key to the right, and insert a short piece of wire or the end of a paper clip into the lock release hole in the switch body. Pressing on the lock cylinder retainer will allow the cylinder to be removed. Note the position of the lock cylinder retainer.


  1. Place the lock cylinder into the switch body with the highest part of the lock cylinder retainer aligned with the lock release hole in the switch body.
  3. Compress the lock cylinder retainer so that the lock cylinder can be installed all the way into the switch body, or, until the retainer can be seen through the pin hole.
  5. Place the spring onto the switch body, and position the switch in the instrument panel from the rear.
  7. Insert the key and make sure that the switch is in the OFF position.
  9. Turn the switch body until the key is straight up and down.
  11. Remove the key and push on the switch body so that the notched bezel can be installed freely, with the notches aligned with the notch pins.
  13. Turn the bezel clockwise to lock the assembly. The word starter should be on top, if the unit is correctly installed.