Jeep Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee 1957-1983 Repair Information

Shock Absorbers



Before installing new shocks, they should be purged of air. To do this, hold the shock upright and fully extend it, then invert and compress it. Do this several times.

  1. Remove the locknuts and washers.
  3. Pull the shock absorber eyes and rubber bushings from the mounting pins.
  5. Install the shocks in the reverse order of the removal procedure. Observe the following torques:

FC Series Trucks

All fasteners: 45 ft. lb.


All fasteners: 45 ft. lb.

1962-69 Wagoneer and J-Series Truck

All fasteners: 40 ft. lb.

1970-83 Wagoneer

1974-83 Cherokee

1970-83 J-Series Truck

Front or rear shock absorber upper end nut: 35 ft. lb.
Front or rear shock absorber lower end nut: 45 ft. lb.

Squeaking usually occurs when movement takes place between the rubber bushings and the metal parts. The squeaking may be eliminated by placing the bushings under greater pressure. This is accomplished either by adding additional washers or by tightening the locknuts. Do not use mineral lubricant to stop the squeaking, as it will deteriorate the rubber.