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Jeep Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee 1984-1998

Cold Start System



The engine must be cold, shut off for at least 21/2hours, before starting this procedure. Special tools and shims are necessary for this procedure.

  1. Make sure that the timing control lever is contacting the stop. If not, loosen the setscrew and turn the clevis 1 / 4 turn.
  3. Remove the TDC slot access hole plug from the block, just behind the pump.
  5. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise 2 full revolutions and insert the TDC Rod Mot.861 or its equivalent, into the crankshaft counterweight TDC slot.
  7. Move the timing control lever to the detent position.
  9. Make sure that the clearance between the stop and the timing control lever is now 0.5mm. If not, turn the throttle stop

adjustment screw, at the control lever, until it is.

  1. Insert a 6.5mm shim between the timing control lever and the stop.
  3. Insert a 3.0mm shim between the throttle lever and the idle stop screw.
  5. Loosen the pivot ball nut and slide the pivot ball until it contacts the throttle lever. Tighten the nut.
  7. Remove the shims.
  9. The temperature of the capsule is now important. If the engine has been shut down for at least 2 1 / 2 hours, the capsule temperature should be the same as the ambient air temperature. Select a shim as follows:

    below 66°F (19°C): 6.5mm
    66-71°F (19-22°C): 5.9mm
    72-76°F (22-24°C): 5.5mm
    77-85°F (25-29°C): 4.75mm
    86-94°F (30-34°C): 4.0mm
    95-104°F (35-40°C): 3.25mm

  11. When the shim thickness has been determined, place the shim between the timing control lever and the stop.
  13. Align the clevis and the throttle cable stop so that both screw heads are in the same plane.
  15. Tighten the throttle cable and position the clevis and the throttle stop so that they contact the timing control lever.
  17. Tighten the throttle cable stop screw.
  19. Remove the shim and make sure that the distance between the stop and the timing control lever is the same as the thickness of the shim. Correct it if necessary.
  21. Start the engine and run it to normal operating temperature.
  23. Make sure that the throttle lever and timing control lever are against their stops and move freely.
  25. If necessary, adjust the idle with the idle adjustment screw to obtain an idle of 800 rpm.
  27. Insert a 6.5mm shim between the timing control lever and its stop and measure the clearance between the throttle control lever and its stop. The clearance should be 3.0mm. If not, repeat the above adjustments.